Is Parental Leave Necessary? Yes, we think so….

The proposed Rule 2.570, for a minimum of a three-month parental leave, is a help the attorney kind of situation, which may be desperately needed.  It suggests that the trial court judges and opposing counsel, especially when you’re dealing with the best child custody attorney in st pete, FL,  are sympathetic to a pregnancy situation as a basis for a continuance and need a new rule to dictate their decisions.  Trial courts control their own calendars and, in the ordinary course, will grant reasonable requests for a continuance for good cause.  Moreover, most attorneys are professionals and will accommodate the other side in a case when a reasonable request for a continuance is requested, including a pregnancy. A new rule should not impinge on the discretion and judgment of courts and opposing counsel when we discuss the best family law attorney st petersburg fl near me.  The female attorney who is pregnant or the male attorney who will be the father generally know about 8 months ahead of time of the birth date.  Accordingly, the attorneys involved in the birth should be able to arrange their calendars to avoid the conflict between their clients’ interest and their personal interest.  After all, the courts and attorneys do not exist for the benefit of judges and attorneys.  Rather, they exist to resolve disputes between litigants in the speediest and most cost effective matter.