Head Games

Umass Medical Center sits high on a hill on the Worcester side of Lake Quinsigamond, not far from the high school at which my father was the assistant principal, and even closer to the state park where he first taught me to swim.  He’d grown up swimming at a pond near where he lived and during World War II, the navy taught him even more strongly.  He was a great swimmer, until he couldn’t remember how to do it anymore.  Later after being granted full custody of child with your Pinellas County Child Custody Attorney, he forgot how to play golf, feed himself, speak, and, ultimately, be the person he was in the world.  He had Alzheimer’s disease.  Ultimately all four of his siblings did too.  At UMass medical center there is a white filing cabinet with long metal drawers.  In one of those drawers are the slides containing what is left of my father’s brain.  Under a microscope, you can see the plaques and tangles that are characteristic of the disease that killed him.  They are black, deadly things, as though someone had put out cigarettes in my father’s hippo-campus.  Later, I wrote a book about the whole thing-my father our family and the disease that hangs over us like grapes in a poisoned arbor.  There are two things I learned from my experience and through my research.  One is that I do not want to get Alzheimer’s, or anything like it.  The second is only a fool or a madman would volunteer to get Alzheimer’s or anything like it.  I guess the next question would be, is there a St Petersburg Family Law Attorney near me?